BCL eGlobal is an omni-channel Current Account Hub, which help you:
Open multi-IBAN Account,
international monetary flow management system.

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Personal Account

Money In
✅ Investment Proceeds
✅ Insurance Collections (Annuity or Fortuity)
✅ Communities' Dibursement
✅ Other Personal Settlements

Money Out
✅ Investment (Mortgage, etc.)
✅ Insurance Payments (Scheduled or on Demand)
✅ School Fee
✅ Travel & Leisure



Corporate Account

Money In
✅ Investment Proceeds
✅ E-Commerce Sales Revenue
✅ Contractors & Suppliers Collections
✅ Inter-Organizational Settlements

Money Out
✅ Investment Proceeds Disbursement
✅ Disbursements (Staff, Club, Community, Gaming)
✅ Contractors & Suppliers Payments
✅ Inter-Organizational Settlements


Why Choose Us?

eGlobal’s model centres on its technology interface, which aggregates and offer financial products to end-customers, personal and business alike, in a seamless, intuitive mobile & web App.

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The world's strongest regulation, providing customers with peace of mind

UK AEMI license fully regulated and registered agent of the UK FCA - Financial Conduct Authority

Fund Security

In line with the requirements of UK financial supervision, the client's funds are 100% deposited in the reserve fund account opened by the British custodian bank, without any risk of misappropriation.

Real-Name Account Support for multiple currencies

Real-name account, funds can enter and leave freely, support multi-currency instant exchange

Fund management on your finger tips

eGlobal has developed a 7x24 PC online and mobile platform for our valued customers, and can control and view your financial transactions whenever and wherever possible

International standard Risky Management

🛡️ Compatible with PCI Data Security Standard
🛡️ Robust fraud prevention and detection system based on FlexyGuard filtering traffic rules
🛡️ Several layers of Authentication (text code, email verification, pin code protection)
🛡️ Multi service design allows to keep system performance metrics at a high industry level
🛡️ Automated CI/CD design and automated testing framework allows development team constantly publishing new features with no quality loss

Security and encryption

🛡️ Fraud prevention and traffic filtering
🛡️ Public API requests are optionally secured with RSA-SHA256
🛡️ Intra service communication secured by DMZ network architecture and service-to-service authentication
🛡️ Sensitive data and customer private data both are encrypted in database and could be stored on dedicated location according to local regulatory requirements
🛡️ eGlobal (ReactivePay) is PCI DSS compatible solution

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