standard-title Hashclub Community

Hashclub Community

HashClub is a computing community facing the general public, who are blockchain enthusiasts, or just curious about the topic. The community is aimed for promoting the understanding of the following queries, 

  • What is Blockchain? 
  • What in it for us and for different industries?
  • What opportunities are in it?

At the same time, we can provide mining services to let our members experiencing what is mining and how POW works. Unlike our competitors, we help you to buy the real mining devices and host in a Tier3 data center with following advantages, 

  • Air-conditioned with stable electricity supply, which will help to double the lifetime of the mining device by estimation;
  • 24 x 7 technical team support;
  • Access control system for remote monitoring the status of your device and the computing applications.

Furthermore, we will invite our consultants from the academic field to post latest Blockchain related journal in our Wiki. Which means our members can access them and interact with them to further understand what blockchain mean to us and our society.