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GemVault 1st Launching Ceremony – Hong Kong

GemVault 1st Launching Ceremony – Hong Kong

The gem and jewelry industry has been around for thousands of years and for most of the time in history has only been enjoyed by royalty or people of the elite class. Industry dynamics have created a wonderful opportunity which we intend to take advantage of:

GemVault is a crypto-currency aiming to tokenize the gem industry by putting gems on the Blockchain as a new vehicle of exchange and investment in gems.

Our goal is simple – create a blockchain-powered system that:

  • Can differentiate not only the colors of stones accurately, but also the origin of stones, as well. This will make it possible for the price of a gemstone to become transparent to all individuals.
  • Make gem-backed tokens a standard investment vehicle for the masses.

Please come and join our 1st launching ceremony in Hong Kong!

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